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Duesenberg's German Dinners
10 Mellor Avenue
Catonsville, MD 21228

Call after 3:30 pm Wed. thru Sat:
    410 747 7333

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Serving dinner:
Wednesday thru Saturday
 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Are required for Friday & Saturday, and are recommended for Wed - Thurs.

Please call in advance.


Christa's Menu

Items on the menu will vary a bit with the seasons. All dishes are from authentic recipes used in Germany, including the wunderbar desserts. We do not use flour in our gravies. Ask about our gluten-free meals.

Reservations are recommend, as we currently have very limited seating. Reservations currently must be made by phone

Our Regular Menu

You may download and print the menu. Page 1 click here. Page 2 click here. ******

Weekly Special 

Leek cream soup     6.90

Gypsy schnitzel with rice and salad     17.90

Strawberry caramel cream cake     5.50



VORSPEISE - Appetizer

Kartoffelpuffer                                                                                          5.90
Potato pancakes            

BELEGTE SEMMEL - Sandwiches         13.90*

Cordon bleu im Semmel
Schnitzel im Semmel
Bratwurst mit Sauerkraut im Semmel
Sauerbraten im Semmel
Huehnerbrust mit Bierpanade im Semmel
* all sandwiches served with fries and salad                                                                                        


Sauerbraten mit Knoedel und Blaukraut                  18.90
Sour beef (marinated 3 days) with both potato and bread dumplings and red cabbage.

Wiener Schnitzel mit Spaetzle oder Pommes und Salat          16.90
A pork cutlet served Viennese style (dipped in bread crumbs with eggs and fried in oil)with homemade German egg noodles or french fries and a salad.

Jaeger Schnitzel mit Spaetzle und Salat                                 17.90
A tender pork cutlet served with a mushroom gravy and homemade German egg noodles and a salad.

Gulasch, Parika, Spaetzle Auflauf mit Salat              16.90

A cassorole of sliced beef with red and yellow bell peppers in a tomatoe-based sauce, homemade German egg noodles and a salad.

Lachs, Spinat, Spaetzle AufLauf mit Salat                  17.90
Salmon spinach and spaetzle casserole with salad.

Schweinebraten mit knoedel und Bohnengemeuse                   16.90
Pork roast with dumplings and green beans.

Bratwurst mit Roestkartoffeln und Sauerkraut                         14.90
Bratwurst (german pork sausage) with sliced, panfried potatos and sauerkraut.

Panierter Fisch mit Roestkartoffeln und Salat        14.90
Fried fish with homemade panfried potato slices & salad

Huehnerbrust mit Bierpanade, Spaetzle und Salat        16.90
Beer breaded chicken breast with spaetzle and salad



VEGETARISCH - Vegetarian (ask about vegen)
Kaesespaetzle mit salat    14.90
Cheese spaetzle with salad.

Pfannekuchen mit Pilz-Sahnesosse  oder Gemuese und salat    14.90
Crepes with creamy musroom sauce  or fresh vegetables and salad

Please ask our wait staff for more choices.

SUPPEN - Soups


Gulaschsuppe mit Broetchen    plate 6.90   cup 4.90
Goulash soup  with roll

Tagessuppe mit Broetchen    plate 6.90   cup 4.90
Soup of the day with roll




JUST FOR KIDS           
Kids schnitzel with fries            5.50
or all menu items can be requested in kids portions. Ask the wait staff.

SALADS       small 3.90  large 5.90

  • Gruener Salat (mixed greens)
  • Weisskrautsalat (white cabbage salad)
  • Karottensalat (carrot salad)
  • Kartoffelsalat (potato salad)

SIDES        3.90

  • Spaetzle - homemade German egg noodles
  • Knoedel - one potato and one bread dumpling
  • French Fries
  • Blaukraut - red cabbage
  • Sauerkraut
  • Bohnengemuese - green beans
  • Rice

DESSERTS          5.50

Apfel Strudel with vanilla ice cream is always available
and one of the following will also be available: